Why The World Needs AI Instead of More Librarians In 2016

The world is a funny place. I was just reading an article about automation and how in the next 15 to 20 years we’ll all see a dramatic increase in our daily tasks being automated. Software and physical automation will make our homes, transportation, work, and all facets streamlined.

What about librarians?

Obama just picked a head librarian for the Library of Congress. I started laughing at how archaic the world seems when it comes to strategy and spending resources. It seems important for the leader of a country to spend his time picking out a librarian for a big place full of books and other information. On a side note, how do you become librarian of congress?

But is it really? Is this really an important task to fulfill this position?

I pondered this for a bit and then started mixing in this idea of automation. Why is it, that anywhere else you look in work and business and life, we are trying to make things easier and more productive for everyone? But in government, it seems that all that happens is upkeep of an old an inefficient system?

I believe the answer is because the generation that runs the government, doesn’t have any understanding (or too little) of automation.

What do you think?

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